Greek ethnic traditional costumes made with pride  in Greece by stamco Greek ethnic traditional costumes made with pride  in Hellas by stamco

Stamco Greek Costume manufacturer since 1957

we ship worldwide, the factory factory is located in Kastoria Greece   map    
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Costumes From all Regions Of Greece
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By Region
01.Amalia Evzonas Tsolia

02.Roumeli Sterea Ellada




06.Thrace and Evros


08.Aegean Islands,Cyclades

09.Ionian Islands,Eptanisa

10.Crete Island



13.Pontos Capadokia

14.Asia Minor



Costume Parts

Greek National Hollidays

Tsarouchia , buckles , etc
 greek costume ARAHOVA ROUMELI MAN greek costume CHALKIDIKI          greek costume PONTOS WOMAN        greek costume CRETE WOMAN


This site is to serve Greek churches dancing troops Greek federation Greek festivals
and others who want to buy in bulk Greek traditional ethnic folklore costumes
endymasies , foresies , ellinikes stoles, our 50 years experience guarantee the best prices and service
Prices in US$ for Overseas customers;

if you are an individual who want to buy one or less than five costumes please visit Foresia online shop

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The best Greek costumes from all over Greece