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crete IslandCRETE WOMAN         The Sharjah or Anogians costume takes its name from a key piece of the suit that has the skirt shape and said sartza. He was worn throughout the island but especially in Anogia from where it took its name. The suit consists of a baggy trousers foufouloti in the legs. On top comes a long cream-colored shirt, which has the role of the dress since it's so far away as to show the bottom of the leg of the trousers. The apron of the costume is the classic Cretan apron with rich embroidery. The sartza, which is red, is an apron laced back and holding each of the two ends placed on the left side of the belt, which is also woven red. The ziponi made of felt in different colors, with the predominant black and rich gold-embroidered. It leaves in front of a large semi-circular opening with the consequence that covers the chest. The kerchief is red or burgundy with gold or yellow fringes

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the costume consists of
• dress
• back apron
• apron
• vraka trousers
• headscarf and necklace are sold separately costume weight:2000 grams

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The Cretan costume is one of the most important elements of the folklore of Crete. The men wear breeches with salvaria, investor, waistcoat, Meidani, belt, and once kartsonia also silver knife in the middle, and keep vourgidi katsouna. Sometimes instead of breeches worn panties in military type who walks into boots (black boots complete the costume), vest with wide belt and scarf krousato. Women wear skirts with sackcloth, Katinaki (dress with bodice stitched to skirt wide) tzemperi head, brostopodia, salvari (long breeches) shirt and black shoes, and many jewelry mainly pounds. The handmade panties is a traditional Cretan costume which replaced breeches after the First World War. The clothing that was worn during the National Resistance on Cretan State. The panties worn with black shirt, vest, wide woven belt, black head scarf and boots. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Greek costumes for women,CRETE WOMAN the costume consists of :waistcoat , dress , back apron , apron , vraka trousers. headscarf and necklace are sold separately from region Crete Island more similar costumes CRETE ANOGIA ,CRETE MAN ,CRETE MAN WITH VEST ,CRETE MAN WITH COAT ,CRETE MAN ,CREETE BOY ,CRETE GIRL ,CRETE EMBROIDERED ,CRETE WOMAN ,CRETE WOMAN ,CRETE MAN WITH VEST ,CRETE MEN EMROIDERY ,CRETE MEN EMROIDERY ,CRETE MEN EMROIDERY ,CRETE BOY , all handmade in Greece by Stamco, high quality garments

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